Monday, August 11, 2008

Handcrafted Wooden BAGEL HOLDER w/ Handle, Knife Slot!

Handcrafted Wooden BAGEL HOLDER w/ Handle, Knife Slot! - eBay (item 310074385055 end time Aug-15-08 21:13:40 PDT)

This wooden bagel holder is a kitchen safety device that looks great. Plop your bagel into the hollow and slice it in two top to bottom without it squirming and putting your fingers at risk. Gotta love that.

It's hand-made and marked on the bottom, "Handcrafted in US by" followed by a symbol that could be a two-headed snake or the letters "ORY." Or not.

It's well-made with a slot to guide your knife, a handle to hold it still and a decorative copper circle punched to say, "Bagels." The handle has a leather loop so you can hang it up out of the way between uses.

So, all you need is this holder, a bagel and a knife and you're ready to take care of that tummy rumble whenever it strikes. Well, that and butter, cream cheese, or whatever your taster wants.

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